The tea was served for days.
We were trying to find words in
the indetermination.


The tea was served for days.

We were trying to find words in the indetermination.

Amber is a fruity barrel aged rye jenever with jasmin tea and fermented calamus root.


Contains 50% Bourbon
Barrel aged maltwine.

500 ml. 42% alc. Vol.


Endless conversations, the feeling that time flies and never past at the same time. So much has happened, but you will be alwas the same to one another. Feeling soothed and cared for, being warmed and comforted: The Amber jenever celebrates friendship. Contem­plation can be found in every drop. The jenever draws her name from the Filosoof oldest friend.

The Amber jenever is very fruity and extremely aromatic. The combination of the barrel aged rye maltwine and the osmathus flowers gives it the tropical aroma of peaches and passion fruit. The pallet gets grounded by the fermented Calamus; a very fragrant bittering root. Amber is great with a pale ale.

Amber contains:

  • Barrel aged rye maltwine
  • Jasmon Earl grey
  • Fermented Calamus
  • Lime
  • Osmanthus Fragrans