Pussy Meow

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Pussy Meow

Koshka is an oude jenever
with east kent and lemon
drop hops, lemon and rose.


Contains 20% Bourbon
barrel aged maltwine.

500 ml. 36,5% alc. Vol.


Koshka is a friendly jenever. A relatively modest alcoholpercentage, and a lower maltwine content makes her the most easy going of the Filosoof Jenever range. No long conversation here, she will please you right away. Koshka is great served next to a more bitter pilsner or serves as the base for a martini.
For a long time Filosoof Jenever focused mostly on producing the so called Korenwijnen and Moutwijnen. With their incredible strong flavours and high maltwine content they are food for thought, conversation and contemplation. Named after the women most important to the Filosoof herself, and all with a corresponding strong character. Koshka is different. She is there for you when you maybe are not ready for the heaviness of the rest. Named after the Filosoof’s cat she jumps on your lap and loves you without demanding anything back.
Maybe easier than the rest of the ladies, but the Koshka still carries the heart of a typical Filosoof Jenever. The characteristic Rye Maltwine was barrel aged on small blood tubs pre­viously used for bourbon. This gives the jenever a bit of vanilla and bisquits and a hint of liqorice and coco. The floral botanical pattern is very dry. Hops give the jenever a pinyness and fruitiness at the same time.

Koshka contains:

  • Barrel aged rye maltwine
  • Lemon drop hops
  • East Kent hops
  • Juniper
  • Coriander
  • White Pepper
  • Hibiscus
  • Rose
  • Lemon
  • Angelica


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