Why? It became all clear when I put the sieve on my nose.


Why? It became all clear when I put the sieve on my nose.


Arieke is a smokey maltwine jenever with grassy Saaz hops.
70% partly barrel aged maltwine.

volume alcohol

500 ML.



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The ARIEKE is a smokey jenever with a bit of aging on a ex bourbon firkin. Barrel aging smoothens the rye spirit, gives it notes of bisquit, vanille, toffee.
Altough we seem naturally drawn to it, smoke is for sure not a comforting flavour. But in this discomfort lays it’s attraction and it’s potential. The smoke draws a line around the flavour profile. Gives it literally an edge and thereby enambles you to taste. This little clarifying line is what relates the jenever to ARIEKE, my oldest sister, who has an incredible quality of distinction. But at the same time smoke will put your head in clouds. that is when the celebration happens…

So, the ARIEKE gets grounded and defined by a grainy smokey body. The second flour profile is the one of the traditional saaz hop. A grassy and mineralistic hop. The ARIEKE is a dry jenever that pairs very well with an imperial pilsner.

ARIEKE contains:

  • Smoked barrel aged maltwine
  • Smoked rye maltwine
  • Saaz hop
  • White peppercorn
  • Hibiscus flower
  • Rose flower
  • Lemon
  • Juniper berry
  • Coriander seed
  • Calamus root