China flower on her waves, blown into harbour.


China flower on her waves, blown into harbour.


Hilde is a ‘scheepsjenever’ with eucalyptus flower, bay leave and liquorice.
Contains 50% Bourbon
Barrel aged maltwine.

volume alcohol

500 ML.



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A nice warm, dark and warming jenever. De HILDE is a ‘scheepsjenever’. It carries you like a ship: wraps her arms around you and keeps you save in a storm. It rocks you on her waves and gives you home. The HILDE is a very tradtional jenever recipe: the ‘scheeps jenever’ has a long tradition. Jenever was always carried on board. It was party of the crews ration; one ‘oorlam’ a day was hand out to every member of the crew. Not only would it sooth you after a day of heavy work, it would literaly save your life when the water would go bad after a view weeks. A little bit of alcohol sterilizes.

The recipe might be traditional, the flavour is definately not as plain the commercial ‘traditional’ jenevers on the market. The Hilde jenever has a strong firkin bourbon barrel maltwine as a base. The liquoricy (NL: droppig) notes from the maltwine are emphasized by the use of laurel and liquorice (NL: zoethout). We love to pair HILDE with a smokey imperial stout. She can stand a stong pairing partner.

Hilde contains:

  • Barrel aged rye maltwine
  • Unaged rye maltwine
  • Eucalyptus flower
  • Bayleave
  • Liquorice root
  • White peppercorn
  • Hibiscus
  • Juniper
  • Coriander